Insight to see from within. The capacity and discernment to perceive that which is otherwise difficult to realize.
Seeking help with major life questions? Career changes? Moving your home? Clarity around family or relationship dynamics? Sensing something is blocking you, feeling stuck and unable to proceed as you really want to? Struggling to realize what your purpose in this life time is? Seeking deeper understanding of serendipitous or seemingly random life patterns? The Insights gained from Clairvoyant readings bring greater clarity, knowing and ease to the choices we make.
The word clairvoyance is from the French clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision." There is also clairaudienc, meaning clear hearing. Clairsentience means clear sensing. And claircognizance means clear knowing. These different ways of perceiving information are centered in their corresponding chakra centers.
During a Clairvoyant Reading, The reader goes into a meditative state, receiving and interpreting the visions, as well as the auditory and sensory information that is given. Sometimes the information is strait forward and obvious. sometimes it is symbolic and requires further exploration and translation. Sometimes the information is alchemical, meaning the information works as an agent to transform or change the person in a way that helps them address their own questions. The best questions in our lives are not the ones with yes or no answers, or answered by explanations. The best questions are questions that can not be answered, and must be lived. Such as Zen Koans. The essence of a person's life, and the meaning they give the word, resides in how clearly they live their Great Questions. This is the highest form of Seeking and service.
The Clairvoyant center is located in the 6th chakra, which is also at the pineal glad. Located in your brain, your pineal glad secretes many different hormones, such as melatonin and serotonin. DMT, a psychedelic agent of the amazonian ayahuasca, can also be secreted by your pineal gland to produce visions and altered states of consciousness. This vision center is also known as the third eye.
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