Deanna's movement classes explore subtle, systemic movement patterns, cultivating the body's organic intelligence as a self-organizing system.
“The way we walk across the room is the way we walk through life.” -Vivian Jaye
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 The Body is Movement. The body is a process. Our organism is an orchestra of cells, molecules, tissues, pulses, breaths & waves. Harmonizing this orchestra enhances the undulating spirals, cultivating the organic intelligence of our organism. This level of health immerses us in a field that draws our personal being and our environment into harmony as well. In the Fluid Frequency/Body as Movement classes we will tune ourselves to the fluid body, letting its organic intelligence guide our motion, so that we can discover new possibilities of movement and health. Please join us!
Somatic, from greek, means 'of the body' relating to the body. Integration is the act or instance of combining into an integral whole
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